mardi 19 août 2014

Swing Copters Flappy Bird's successor
Dong Nguyen. The name does not necessarily mean much. His work, however, is no longer present. The wave "Flappy Bird" has indeed taken everything in its path in 2013 The undisputed success, yes, but also patience and nerves of "gamers". The set of obstacles managed to reach the top, both on the AppStore than Google Play, before mysteriously disappearing from circulation in February 2014.

Oversimplified, shaped by retro aesthetics years "8-bit", if not modeled on the familiar world of Mario Bros, "Flappy Bird" maddened countless users, frustrated by the difficulty and repetitiveness of a linear but addictive game.

His successor has been announced. "Swing Copters" draws heavily on the same magical recipe (see video) and is expected to land on the AppStore and Google Play stores as of this August 21.